5 Tips On How To Start Freelancing With Ease

Freelancing is often associated with freedom, flexibility and control of one’s own life, and for a good reason, freelancing is all those things and much more. To put things into perspective and help you truly understand what freelancing is, simply contrast it to a full-time employment of 9-5. Assuming you’re employed and are familiar with what the corporate world is like, freelancing is complete the opposite.

Are You Following The Followers?

The innate human need to belong and fit in is often one of the major causes of such self-destructive behavior. Countries and communities worldwide are structured in such a way to support the ‘follow the follower’ system which often leads to a mediocre life at best. But why live such a life of mediocrity? Why follow the followers?

3 Reasons Outsourcing Is Good For Your Business

Taking into consideration fierce global competition and economic volatility in recent decade, starting a business or running one already can be rather a daunting task to say the least. Controlling operational expenses while growing the revenue on monthly basis is among the key priorities of those at the helm. Luckily for them, various skill sets required for day-to-day business operation can easily be outsourced from freelancing platforms i.e., Upwork, Parttimerz, Guru at a click of a button.