Why Not Reinvent Yourself?

Before long we become people who are deeply rooted in their ways, believes, doctrines and values. But did we become who we are by design and if so who’s design, ours or society’s? That’s right, most of us are the product of society we are born into and live most of our life. Our surroundings and company of friends and acquaintances we keep have a tremendous affect on each one of us. While all of this is perfectly normal, the question is are you happy with who’ve you become and if not, who would you like to be instead?

Want To Change The World?

The system world over is designed in such a way to discourage individualism, creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. If you think about it long and hard you’ll realize just how indoctrinated and blinded most of us are. Starting at an early tender age, we’re being molded into something that we aren’t – at school we are being asked to wear a school uniforms, conform to societal norms and follow the followers without ever questioning why and if there’s a better or a different way. We simply take it at face value and embrace it all the way.