4 Ways To Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Home

While part-time work has been around for decades, it’s only in recent years that’s become more prevalent and popular thanks to proliferation of online outsourcing platforms i.e., Upwork, Parttimerz, Freelancer etc. which facilitate interaction and foster collaboration between freelancers and clients who outsource various tasks i.e., accounting, content writing, web development etc.

If you are a professional freelancer who is fully committed to making a career out of freelancing and ultimately making money in the process, you should naturally be very selective as to what freelancing platform to choose for your business.

Various elements come into play during the freelancing platform selection process and while priorities and preferences differ greatly from one freelancer to the other, most decisions are based on type of clients available and their buying power; membership and transactions fees associated with using the platform; advancement opportunities and other perks, if any.

So for example, if you’re looking for platform which boast millions of clients to choose from without much regard for quality and don’t mind paying a hefty fee for each job you complete successfully, than Upwork or Freelancers are right freelancing platforms for you. You should also keep in mind that aforementioned platforms encourage competitive bidding which is best suitable for freelancers with a low hourly rates i.e., 3$-5$.

However, if you are a type of freelancer who charges higher hourly rate, is more selective as to whom to work with and prefer not to give away any percentage of her hard-earned pay to platform provider, than Parttimerz is most definitely right freelancing platform for you. Not only does Parttimerz not take the percentage of a job proceeds from freelancers but rewards the top performers with extra paycheck above and beyond what they earn freelancing.

As a freelancer, your ability to promote yourself, find paying clients and retain them for years to come is of utmost importance for your success. While you could probably do all of the aforementioned outside the freelancing platforms, it’s nonetheless much easier through the platform and a lot safer since most of the platforms have adequate checks and monitoring in place to protect both freelancers and clients.

So what can you do immediately to make money from the comfort of your home using the freelancing platform of your choice? Well, here’s a concise list of 4 things you can do starting today:

1. Blogging

Many people worldwide blog about different subjects on a daily basis – some have blogs of their own and write about things they are passionate or feel strongly about, while others simply write guest posts for others on a chosen subject.

So if you have a knack for writing and are passionate about or specialize in one or more industries or fields, you can start your blogging career today by registering on the freelancing platform of choice, creating a winning profile and getting down to work.

As an individual who’s truly gifted with a writing skills you’re most certainly in luck, for quality content creation in recent years has grown in importance and demand due to strong adoption of social media worldwide and need for strong online presence. Businesses from across the globe are in constant search for quality content creators with proven track record to help them stand out and break through all the noise and clutter of today’s business environment.

2. Web Development

Surplus of venture capital and euphoria of startups turn unicorns and decacorns in recent years have created enormous demand for web developers, so much so in fact that web developers in some parts of the world take home more money than lawyers or doctors.

While many web developers make well over 6 figure salaries working full time jobs, there are others who make as much on a part-time basis, contracting for various clients on short-term contracts. Online outsourcing via freelancing platforms has grown in popularity quite exponentially in recent years on the back of aforementioned demand.

Again, depending on your personal and professional preference, select the most adequate freelancing platform, create a killer profile, showcase your previous work and get going. If you’re already freelancing on any one of the platforms and aren’t getting enough in terms of volume of work, quality clients, perks, sense of belonging etc. consider exploring alternatives and test the waters.

3. Graphic Design

If graphic design is your forte and have what it takes to produce stunning design with the best in class, the easiest way to find a high profile clients is through existing freelancing platforms. Some of the platforms cater explicitly to designers of all kinds hence, are worth looking at but since they too have their pitfalls i.e., high transaction fees, explore your options quite prudently. Remember, you’re in control no matter what.

4. Tutoring

If tutoring is the name of your game, be it math, languages or musical instruments, online outsourcing platforms have got to be your go to place. Simply select the platform i.e., People Per Hour, Parttimerz, Freelancer etc. that best suits your needs, create killer profile and start offering your services to clients at large. You’ll be surprised how far-reaching freelancing platforms can be as you meet and collaborate with clients from across the globe.


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