Want To Change The World?

If you are anything like me than you most likely want to make the most of yourself and leave a mark on this world. As children, most of us have been taught that the world has been here before us and that we’re suppose to fit in and follow the path that society has chosen for us.

The system world over is designed in such a way to discourage individualism, creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. If you think about it long and hard you’ll realize just how indoctrinated and blinded most of us are. Starting at an early tender age, we’re being molded into something that we aren’t – at school we are being asked to wear a school uniforms, conform to societal norms and follow the followers without ever questioning why and if there’s a better or a different way. We simply take it at face value and embrace it all the way.

Before long, we become a loyal servants who live within the societal boundaries, working hard for a company that creates no major – if any – difference in the world, in exchange for the paycheck. We take on the house mortgages, car loans, credit card debts and before you know it, get trapped in a so-called rat race only a few manage to get out of.

All of this for what? To leave an empty life, chasing the ghost while contributing nothing worthwhile to anyone other than your employer. Life is meant to be much more than that. So what can you do to change your life for the better and ultimately put a dent in the universe?

1. Realize you’re here for a reason

What you ought to realize is that each one of us came into this world armed with innate talents and abilities and for a reason. The reason is very simple, to contribute to the mankind and society at large by using those talents and abilities – to make this world of ours a better and more enjoyable place for our generation and those to come after us.

2. Know thyself

Armed with realization that there’s a purpose to your existence,  do a thorough self-inventory of your strengths in order to detect your innate talents and abilities. This could be tricky for often due to aforementioned way of life of the follower, a very few people know and can answer this readily. What helps is to look back to your childhood days and remember what were the things that made you very happy – also, you may seek your parents or siblings help on this one. Once you know with certainty what your innate talents and abilities are, do whatever necessary to hone them to perfection and put them to work.

3. Reinvent yourself

No matter what your current situation may be i.e., employed in a dead-end job, unemployed and looking, etc. now that you are fully aware of your purpose and strengths, you can reinvent yourself. Any change in life – particularly for the better – starts in one’s mind. To change your life and reinvent yourself, you’ve got to change your habitual thinking. How you think about yourself, life and everything else that matters to you.

This is probably the most challenging task but can be achieved with strong resolve and discipline. To succeed, you’ll have to become aware of your innermost thoughts in order to control them and replace them with thoughts of what you want to be. Daily meditation is the best way to achieve this type of mind control. Essentially, you’ve got to think, act and be.

4. Take the first step

The new you, a version 2.0 is now ready to make the most of herself and leave a mark on this world. You’ve come a long way from a blinded follower who’s working in a dead-end and meaningless job in exchange for money to an enlightened, I can and will change the world kind of person who is committed to doing just that. All you’ve got to do next is simply take the first step toward your ultimate goal, whatever it may be.


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