3 Reasons Why Freelancing Rocks

Online outsourcing and freelancing have been around for years. Technological and communications advancements have contributed greatly to proliferation of the globalization which has in effect paved the way for outsourcing, offshoring and as of lately freelancing. While initial acceptance and adoption of freelancing phenomenon among the businesses of all sizes have been rather slow and growth linear at best, economic recession of 2008 has caused a hockey stick spike caused by the high unemployment rate and palpable need for business optimization. In the race to achieve the recognition of a lean, agile, nimble and cost-effective business, companies worldwide started embracing the notion of freelancing economy at astounding rate.

Today, freelancing is in full swing globally and is projected to continue steady proliferation at the same jaw-dropping rate, well into the future. While outsourcing and freelancing benefits to startups, SMBs, SMEs and even enterprises are obvious and many, freelancers also reap great benefits for their contribution. So if you’re considering jumping ship and getting into freelancing, here are three main reasons why you should do it.

1. Freedom and Flexibility

Let’s face it, most of the people regardless of their country of origin, cultural background and beliefs are trapped in a rat race they can’t get out of for one reason or the other. People end up being trapped by following the followers of the followers. Once deep in it, getting out of rat race seems close to impossible, but in really it’s not that difficult.

Assuming you’ve got what it takes to freelance and be self-sufficient, all you need is a strong will, determination and a well thought out plan. Planning is imperative before breaking out of rat race and into the world of freelancing filled with uncertainty.

Once the shackles that bound you are off, you’ll be overwhelmed with joy and feeling of ease – you’ll have your life back to do with it what you wish.

2. No Boss or Board to Decide Your Worth and Answer To

The societal norm is to graduate from the university – a prestigious one if at all possible – and get a job. Make sure your CV is up to date and written eloquently so it stands out from the crowd. Once you nail the job interview, succumb to the system and let your boss and the boss’s boss decide your worth along with ‘fair’ salary to take home every month in exchange for modern slavery.

As an employee, you are expected to adhere to the corporate rules, regulations and norms set by others – often founders and business owners. You’re expected to work minimum of 40 hours per week, be punctual and apply for a vacation as per your entitlement i.e., 15, 21, 30 days. In other words, your life isn’t really yours, they just make you believe so.

As a freelancer who is free like a bird up in the sky, all of the foregoing disappears and fades away, it becomes water under the bridge. All of a sudden you find yourself setting your own worth – hourly rates you wish to charge in exchange for your skills, experience and knowledge. You work when, where and how you want but also, you get to go on vacation and take time off without requesting approvals from anyone as you no longer have a boss, in fact you become your own boss who is in charge of her own life.

3. Globalization and Business Paradigm Shift

In years prior to globalization, doing business on international scale was far more difficult than nowadays, in fact often times impossible, depending on what country you’d want to do business with. Proliferation of globalization and myriad of trade agreements which came into effect thereafter have leveled the playing field and opened up various opportunities globally.

Today, a professional freelancer armed with skills, experience and ability to promote herself, can enjoy a prosperous and lucrative  freelancing career, providing services to diverse clients of all sizes world over. What’s more, startups, SMBs, SMEs and some enterprise clients are increasingly looking at outsourcing their tasks to professional freelancers with proven track record. Jump ship and start your entrepreneurial career without further ado.

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