Are You Following The Followers?

Societies world over foster competition and for a good reason, competition is conducive to advancement of society. However, excessive endorsement of competition, particularly in certain aspects of life i.e., lifestyle, career etc. can be counterproductive and outright, harmful.

Namely, most people unknowingly live their lives for a spectacle rather than for themselves – in the process they imitate others and try to keep up with them at all cost. ‘Keeping up with Joneses’ has become a global phenomenon, so pervasive that all those who indulge in it are entrapped almost permanently.

The innate human need to belong and fit in is often one of the major causes of such self-destructive behavior. Countries and communities worldwide are structured in such a way to support the ‘follow the follower’ system which often leads to a mediocre life at best. But why live such a life of mediocrity? Why follow the followers? Don’t you wish to know what is it you are truly made of and what can you possibly amount to? Wouldn’t it be fulfilling if you could make the most of yourself in profoundly unique and unimaginable way?

Thinking hard and long about the aforementioned could potentially lead to essential self-discovery which is the starting point of change – every change that ever took place in history of a mankind started on the back of some realization and resolve to act on it.

Looking back on life, most individuals would agree that they have spent most of their adult and professional lives in the jobs and careers they have not enjoyed but have done it for the mere money. Such realization, especially late in life could be overwhelmingly depressing and extremely difficult to deal with.

To avoid such uncomfortable and frightening state of mind, perhaps it is time you truly get to know yourself and start anew; do the inventory of your talents and abilities, learned skills and qualities and put them to the best possible use – only then will you be able to experience and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.


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