Make Morning Your Ally

How you start your day has a lot to do with how your day goes. Every time you oversleep and wake up late, you are more likely to have ‘one of those days’ when nothing seems to be going right. By the same token, if you wake up on set time and have ample time for yourself before you head out to work, university or elsewhere, you are more likely to have a very pleasant day when everything goes your way. This being true, why not make the necessary changes and enjoy every day of your life from this day onward?

Stories about the morning rituals of so-called successful people we hear and read about are real, there’s no embellishment or bullshit – that’s all there is to it. So why aren’t more people adopting such rituals if they are conducive to higher level of achievement in all spheres of life? Perhaps because we are creatures of habit and our habits essentially drive us through life, consciously or otherwise.

Psychologist tell us that forming a new habit takes approximately 3 weeks or 21 days. That is, doing the same thing on daily basis – ideally at the same time – for 21 consecutive days. At first, performing such task – whatever the new habit may be – on daily basis may seem painful and arduous but with each new day the pain and agony will fade away a bit more until it becomes a second nature to you. That’s when the habit is fully formed and it starts to drive you effortlessly.

This being the case, wouldn’t it be wise to take some time and do a self-inventory of kind, identifying your habits that may be slowing you down or simply keeping you from living a more fulfilling and rewarding life? Identify those counterproductive habits and replace them with habits that will propel you to a higher level.

While forming the new habits, keep in mind that for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life there’s got to be a balance in your life. In other words, your mind, body and soul need to be well-balanced and nurtured. The best way to do this is to ensure you get a daily dose of reading, exercise and meditation.

Decide today to make a big change in your life and achieve life’s harmonious equilibrium. Depending on your work/school schedule you’ll have to wake up early enough to give yourself 3 hours head start – for example, if you start work at 8AM wake up at 5AM, if you start at 9AM wake up at 6AM, either way give yourself enough time for new morning ritual you’re about to adopt and embrace to better your life. You may be thinking ‘are you freaking kidding me’ but bit of sleep sacrifice will pay off may times over in the long run. In fact, you don’t have to sacrifices your sleep at all, simply adjust the time you go to bed in order to get the same amount of sleep you usually get.

Your new morning ritual should entail the following: wake up at 5AM and start your day off with a 30 minutes light exercise by doing the muscle stretching, cardio, push-ups/sit-ups followed by a shower and healthy breakfast. Take 30 minutes to read a book or other non work related content and wrap up with 15 minutes of meditation. If you aren’t sure what real meditation entails you may want to research a bit before you start but again, it will all be well worth in the end.


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