Choose Quality Over Quantity

Proliferation of globalization brought about by the advancements in transportation, communication and technology has indeed leveled the playing field in the real sense of the word. Newly created global marketplace is filled with myriad opportunities and threats for businesses worldwide. Fierce cut throat competition is forcing businesses to be mindful of their operational expenses but also remain vigilant, flexible and creative in order to survive and ideally prosper.

Luckily for businesses, we live in a service driven world where just about everything is offered on pay-as-you-go basis which essentially helps predict, manage and control much important operational expenses. On the one hand, myriad multinationals including but not limited to Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon Web Service offer software-as-as-service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) at competitive prices and on the other hand, freelancing platforms including but not limited to Freelancer, Parttimerz and UpWork offer vast professional services including accounting, blogging, creative design, copyrighting, legal, web development etc. on part-time basis, all of which is conducive to keeping the operational expenses low and predictable.

Some businesses are better suited for the aforementioned services than others – for example, startups and small to mid size businesses with limited resources i.e., budget, personnel etc. can benefit much more than enterprises with huge budgets at their disposal and massive workforce to call on at will.

This does not necessarily mean that finding the best fit is na easy task, far from it – finding the most suitable service provider or a freelancing platform to outsource professional service from on a temporary basis is a challenging task. This is partly because existing freelancing platforms such as UpWork and Freelancer which have been in business for years hence, boasting big numbers, by virtue have no selection criteria nor quality standards of any kind when recruiting freelancers but rather cater to everyone who wishes to take a stab at freelancing, be it recreational or professional freelancers.

This approach  more often than not causes client’s dissatisfaction and disappointment as recreational freelancers of low hourly rates and blatant disregard for quality work are usually the ones that get awarded client’s projects on Freelancer and UpWork platforms. The end result is usually catastrophic to say the least. Unfortunately for clients until recently there was simply no viable alternative to existing ‘quantity over quality’ freelancing platforms such as UpWork and Freelance.

With launch of Parttimerz freelancing platform which stands for complete the opposite ‘quality over quantity’, clients are almost guaranteed that their projects will always be handled by premium grade professional freelancers of diverse backgrounds, skill sets and qualifications. Because of that, Parttimerz – unlike conventional freelancing platforms – discourage recruitment of subpar, recreational freelancers who aren’t serious enough about freelancing and do it with utmost dedication and commitment.

In other words, Parttimerz modus operandi is based on a premise that only professional freelancers who are fully devoted and always strive for the highest quality of work are welcome to join and provide services to Parttimerz esteemed clients, all other so-called freelancers should go elsewhere. This is of course a great news for clients who avail of freelancing services on regular basis, for doing so through Parttimerz freelancing platform almost guarantees their satisfaction and peace of mind.


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