Are You Building Someone Else’s Dream?

Isn’t if funny how many people who think of starting a business never actually do? That’s simply because they over think it and by doing so, more often than not find themselves petrified about embarking on entrepreneurial journey, which truth be told can be daunting and filled with risks along the way – the other side of it however, is pure fun and fulfillment of the highest kind, known and experienced only by a few daring and persistent ones. So why are there so very few entrepreneurs in comparison to employees?

I do not offer any scientific proof about the content of this post nor do I draw upon written text of any kind but rather speak purely from my life’s experience and observation of the people I came in contact with throughout life e.g., family, friends and business acquaintances. People and human psyche have always fascinated me, which is why I’ve always taken great interest in and observed people with utmost awe.

I’d say that north of 90% of people worldwide are mere employees, helping those very few entrepreneurs and business owners fulfill their dreams in exchange for paycheck and ‘job security’. Job security I find particularly laughable for that’s got to be among the biggest myths in history of mankind – somewhere up there with dragons and Santa Clause – for there’s no such thing as job security, at least not in the capitalist societies.

It’s no secrete that average human being spends at least one-third of her life at work doing the job she may or may not enjoy – if she’s anything like great majority of the employees who’ve end up in their jobs and careers thanks to their parents guidance and not based on their own true talents, desires and strengths, chances are she’s pretty miserable, doing the work she doesn’t like in exchange for pay. That’s very disturbing, indeed.

Global society has got a lot to do with such a huge disparity between entrepreneurs and employees; namely, in its subtle yet sinister ways, it subdues and indoctrinate individuals into becoming submissively obedient followers who follow the followers of followers who are building someone else’s dreams instead of their own – such waste of talent and potential is utmost disgraceful.

Black sheep or square peg in a round hole are the types of individuals who get rewarded handsomely and build their dreams, for they are the risk takers and status quo breakers who blatantly refuse to blindly follow in the footsteps of those who came before them or accept the role and place that society has given to them. Such individuals are few and far between which is the reason for such a huge disparity between entrepreneurs and employees in the world today.

If you’re unhappy in your current place and your job – whatever it may be – leaves you unfulfilled and longing for something else, perhaps it’s time you do a Self-SWOT analysis and shake things up – turn the page and follow your own inner voice all the while ignoring the noise you hear on the outside.


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