There’s Now A Better Way To Freelance

Being a freelancer can be truly liberating, in fact there’s nothing quite like it if you manage to make the most of it. Think about it, as a freelancer you’re in total control of your life – you use your time as you please and perhaps best of all, decide your own hourly rate or a paycheck. No boss or a superior of any kind is to tell you what to do, how, when, where and for how much, you’re your very own boss. Sure, to be successful and ensure comfortable living, in addition to being very good at what you do, you must also be resourceful and most importantly able to find paying clients on regular basis.

Some high paying and utterly experienced freelancers stand on their own two and find clients via their own well established websites or blogs, others turn to freelancing platforms for help – either way finding adequate clients who pay well is easier said than done, at least for premium quality freelancers who value their talents, experience and time hence, are priced higher than average. The reason is simple, freelancing platforms worldwide operate on and are driven by competitive project bidding which you’ve guessed it, more often than not rewards the lowest paid freelancers who are likely to be of sub par quality and prone to poor deliverables.

Further more, during my research on freelancing platforms which are currently in operation worldwide, I came across illogical bit of information which made no sense to me, in fact it made me realize that millions of freelancers worldwide are being taken for a ride simply because there’s no viable alternative to existing freelancing platforms – or should I say there wasn’t until the launch of Parttimerz freelancing platform.

Essentially, what I have discovered among other appalling things is that hardworking freelancers who utilize their skills and knowledge and put time and effort into work they do for their clients are obliged by the freelancing platforms to pay fees of up to 20% of their hard-earned revenue – instead of being rewarded by the very freelancing platforms for doing a good job and keeping their clients happy, they are being taken advantage of. Imagine a head hunter who calls you out of the blue to offer you a job as a senior executive in the company X, instead of billing the company he’s hiring you for, decides to take 20% from you paycheck for finding you a job – preposterous isn’t it?

This is mainly because the freelancing platform i.e., UpWork, Freelancer etc. don’t care much for their freelancers nor feel responsible for the quality of work they do for their clients, unlike Toptal or Parttimerz who do quite the opposite, they take utmost interest in well-being of their freelancers and hold themselves fully accountable for the quality of service they provide to their clients.

So whether you’re a client who avails of freelancing services through existing freelancing platforms or a premium grade freelancer who feels she isn’t getting nearly enough from the likes of UpWork and Freelancer, consider moving away and finding viable alternatives in Toptal and Parttimerz who value their client’s business and therefore, ensure they always get the best freelancing service that money can by, delivered by their premium grade freelancers who are rewarded above and beyond their hard-earned paycheck.


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