Fame, money and power are the only things people seem to notice in today’s entrepreneurs turned leaders of industries. Very often we hear family, friends, business acquaintances and bystanders speak of how ‘lucky’ today’s business tycoons are for having achieved such enormous success practically over night. People tend to attribute success to luck and failure to ability or the lack thereof but is that really a fair thing to do?

Dealing with uncertainties on daily basis and loving it is what entrepreneurship is all about. Clearly as such, entrepreneurship is not for faint hearted as it’s filled with risks and dangers many aren’t willing to accept or even consider, instead they simply shy away from the very idea of entrepreneurship. But the reality of it is that entrepreneurship is not all that scary, in fact far from it for where there are risks rewards exist and when it comes to rewards very few endeavors compare to entrepreneurship.

There are scores of men and women who have achieved enviable success through entrepreneurship and their endeavors. This does not mean that everyone could do it, for it takes much more than mere idea and wish to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes conviction, purpose, desire to right the wrong, change status quo and above all, the big why. Those who are in it for the mere money-making, usually find themselves out of it before long. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to have the ‘staying power’ which is not possible without strong conviction and the cause.

While from the outside looking in entrepreneurship may seem glorious and admirable, in reality it’s very painful, stressful and tiresome, it sucks! Especially at infancy of a startup when Murphy’s law is at work and everything than can go wrong does go wrong – it seems like no matter how hard you try, with as much positivity and optimism possible,  you’d end up getting punch in the face and have to start over again, day in and day out, for months on end. This is where the conviction and cause come into play for otherwise, quitting becomes the most obvious choice.

True champions are the very entrepreneurs who stick to their guns when the going gets tough and weather the storm each and every time, keeping their end goal in mind backed by unyielding conviction and cause they are obsessed by. So should the idea of entrepreneurship cross your mind, you may want to look deep inside yourself and define your big why before embarking on painful, stressful and tiresome journey of entrepreneurship, which could ultimately prove very rewarding and liberating.


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