What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

As children we all have dreams and aspirations of becoming firemen, rock stars, astronauts, doctors, F1 drivers, actors, athletes etc. However, as we become adults and have our own children, not nearly as many of us fulfill our childhood dreams and aspirations – we become something we perhaps never thought of as children or young adults, only a very few ‘lucky’ ones truly fulfill their childhood dreams and aspirations. So what really happens between childhood and parenthood – where do we lose our way and how we end up living someone else’s dream and aspiration?

As children we are filled with eternal love and limitless imagination; we don’t know boundaries and limitations – perhaps because such things do not exist – we don’t know greed, envy, jealousy and believe impossible is nothing, we can touch the sky.

Unfortunately and perhaps surprisingly for some but parents are among the first people to interfere with their children’s believes and values. Although unknowingly and with best intentions, parents derail their children from the path which seems completely effortless and natural for them, to a path parents believe is best for their children for reasons known only to them.

Truth be told derailment is caused by the parents conviction that they know better than their children what’s best for them in terms of education, extracurricular activities and ultimately life’s vocation – all the while ignoring and missing out completely children’s innate talents and abilities along with their desires and dreams. In addition, society and mainstream media are also major factors that influence children’s perception and alters their values and beliefs as they go through life.

As a result of derailment and misplacement, the world is filled with mediocrity across the board and people who are caught up in the rat race, doing jobs they don’t like and wish they can somehow get out of. Because of it, never stop asking yourself what do I want to be when I grow up – no matter what your age is – until you’re truly content and fulfilled with what you have become. 


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