Who the hell is your boss to tell you how much you’re worth?

Isn’t it amazing how easily and without questioning people capitulate to the infallible system and succumb to and nearly worship manmade titles such as the CEO, VP, Director etc.? As though ‘follow blindly the crowd of blind followers’ has become natural modus operandi in most people’s lives. As a result, often times a truly brilliant minds of mature age and vast experience end up taking orders from and subjecting themselves to callow individuals with the senior titles i.e., CEO, VP etc. Isn’t that really sad? I mean, stop and think about it for a second.

If you’re like a great majority of the world population who are trapped from the very start of their lives and have gone through the infallible system, you’re most likely employed at some company doing the 9AM-5PM, five days a week in exchange for monthly salary. Perhaps you’re in your first job and are still excited about being out of university and having joined the workforce – perhaps you’re a veteran who’s been around for many years and through a number of different jobs by now. Whatever the case may be, harsh reality is that you’re an employee.

But why being an employee is such a bad thing or is it? Well, for one, as an employee you’re subjected to your boss, boss’s boss and perhaps many other senior people within the organization, depending where you stand on the food chain. Furthermore, you don’t even have a say in how much your salary should be as your boss is ultimately the one who decides your worth. In essence, your life is not really yours as you’re at your boss’s mercy and as a result very weak, indeed. Any individual who likes to have certain control in his/her life, must find this very disturbing and ultimately rebel against it.

So what’s the alternative, if any? Entrepreneurship is one such alternative and it can be very fulfilling and liberating, in the real sense of the word. Clearly, entrepreneurship is not necessarily for faint hearted as it entails  dealing with uncertainties on a daily basis, especially early on in the life of a startup. If you aren’t quite ready to go down the road of a true entrepreneur due to the inherent risks but still want to take control of your life and ultimately be the one who decides his/her own worth, perhaps you can start freelancing while in your current job.

Freelancing is one form of entrepreneurship which can be extremely rewarding and take many different dimensions. The best of all, freelancing can be done in parallel with your current job so that you can maintain stability and ensure job security for prolonge period of time. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, you can start freelancing by registering on any one of the user-friendly freelancing platforms readily available. If you’re fully committed and deliver high quality services to your client’s time and again, the possibilities are truly infinite. You may never look back on full employment again and quit your current job before long.


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