“We all live in the dark and each one of us must turn on his or her own light” – Earl Nightingale

Lying down on a death-bed as an old man, reminiscing about the past 85 years, quickly realizing that everything could have been different, better, more fulfilling and joyful if only; if only.

This is an image of me as an old man I relive weekly and each time I experience the very same Goosebumps and near panic attack; helping me realize how scary and tragic my dying day would be. Not because of my departure – for I would be going back to my creator – but because of my failure to detect my very purpose and fulfill my earthly mission.

I think that most, if not everyone would agree that we had nothing to do with our arrival to this world and will have very little, if anything to do with our departure. What we have a great deal to do with however, is how we choose to and indeed live each day; how we treat ourselves and people around us; how we perceive the world we live in and interact with. Further, and perhaps more importantly, we have a total control of our minds and our thinking which essentially affects our whole being and our very lives. Now why is this so important in forming a perception of life around us?

It has been said that we do not see with our eyes but with our minds, hence the kind of thoughts our minds are filled with – whether positive and beautiful or negative and ugly – will most likely end up being our perception about life and people around us, which consequently will have enormous effect on all spheres of our lives including but not limited to personal, professional and spiritual. Our minds are our own domains and we are the gate keepers; however, more often than not we fall asleep and let the mainstream media i.e., TV, newspapers, periodicals along with entertainment industry i.e., movies and music, penetrate our minds in the most unnoticed and seemingly harmless fashion to plant the seeds of hatred, fear, envy, jealousy and greed among others via vast subliminal messaging. This is where the manmade systems comes in to keep mankind in check and obedient, living in ignorance, fear and want.

Enculturation is yet another powerful process which more often than not stirs us away from our ultimate purpose hence more fulfilling, joyful and rewarding life. Earl Nightingale in his outstanding work “The Strangest Secret” elaborates on this matter extensively and rather eloquently. Namely, when the baby is born into this world, the first contact it has is naturally with his/her parents who want nothing more than best for their child. So they will shower their little precious one with love and affection and in the process will instill their deeply rooted values and beliefs about the life and the world around. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this except that – in most cases – the parents are the obedient followers who have never truly discovered themselves, their true calling and the world they live in.

Consequently, a little boy or a girl – albeit endowed with unique God-given abilities, intended to be detected and used to serve humanity through which process the possessor is elevated to the ultimate happiness, joy, success and fulfillment – will follow seemingly infallible manmade system all the way till the very end, living the life unfulfilled and discontent to say the least. Namely, at an early age, the human innate need to belong is clearly strong and almost irresistible for an uninitiated little boy or a girl, who without the proper enlightenment and parental guidance, inevitably follows the other kids and peers who in turn are the followers.

I know that I have control of my feelings if nothing else hence the way I react to events and people around me is my personal choice and nobody else. But over the years I have also learned that I too, not only have control of my feelings but also my thinking, which ultimately affects my actions and not only reactions to events and people around.


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