Are you playing it safe?

I don’t know about you but people who ‘play it safe’ make me sick! I’ve been actively participating in and contributing to the international business arena for 20 years, during which time I’ve assumed various roles including but not limited to business development management, strategic alliances and channel management – I’ve also founded several companies and I’m currently taking on another formidable challenge of empowering people worldwide to take control of their lives through self-employment.

Throughout my life I’ve come across many interesting and almost equally many dull people – some were dare devils, innovative visionaries who weren’t afraid to push the boundaries while others were ‘play is safe’ types who blame their families for the lack of guts to do more with their lives – pathetic!

I don’t know with certainty who’s the culprit or what’s to blame for the overly cautious type of people who are too timid and insecure but I’m guessing it’s enculturation; notably parents, society, system and mainstream media, among others. Strange thing is that many of the ‘play it safe’ type of people are individuals of high IQ, stature and education level – one would think they should know better.

So why am I so pissed about it?! Well, truth be told I don’t know – perhaps my feeling of repugnance toward ‘play it safe’ type of people lies deep inside me, for I am complete opposite. I am a rebel who refuses to follow blindly the crowd of blind followers and instead choose to make my own rules and path to walk on.

Why not make the most of yourself? Why not try untried and explore the new heights in all aspects of life? Why not choose what to believe in instead of succumb to what’s imposed upon you by those who came before? Why not push the limits and see what happens?

If you really think long and hard about life and lifespan of an average human being in relation to the lifespan of the universe, you’ll perhaps start to put things into right perspective. Life’s way too short to be timid and insecure. If you begin each day with end in mind, you’ll most likely take life more lightly and in turn become more daring to take on formidable challenges and face the unknown with more confidence. Think about it, what have you got to lose? Stop being ‘play it safe’ kind of a person and make the most of yourself.


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