Welcome to Parttimerz blog and thanks for checking in. This blog aims to provide the platform, insight, enlightenment, inspiration and guidance for freelancers, entrepreneurs, job owners, students and everyone who is even remotely interested in freelancing, entrepreneurship, business and making the most of him/herself.

My name is Dzenan Skulj aka Student of Life. I am a husband, father, entrepreneur and eternal student of life in relentless pursuit of enlightenment and utter fulfillment. Over the past decade I’ve made a conscious effort to get to know myself and the world we live in. Since I’ve succeeded in my pursuit of self-discovery, I am compelled and feel obliged to share what I know now with the rest of the mankind.

In essence, my life’s mission is to enlighten masses and help them detect their innate talents and abilities so that they too can pursue their life’s mission and live the life they’ve always been dreaming of but never thought possible.

As a firm believer in making the world a better place and giving the people freedom of choice, so that they can decide for themselves what is it they want to do, how, when and for how much, my lovely wife and I have launched a kickass freelancing platform called Parttimerz to help people do just that.

I hope you find Parttimerz blog enjoyable as well as informative and inspirational.


Dzenan Skulj